Wings to Watch: Why Ken Miller chooses Jet It fractional jet ownership.

When it comes to travel, Ken Miller has a myriad of choices, from commercial jet travel to chartered flights to jet share programs. In order to make the most of his time, Ken, a startup cultivator and financial services veteran with more than three decades of experience, chose Jet It fractional jet ownership. 


Jet It offers a truly unparalleled travel experience. With the industry’s best day-use model, Jet It enables owners to visit multiple locations in a single day. 


Ken typically flies between Cincinnati, New York, and Wilmington in order to check on investment properties, meet with business associates, and visit his children. With Jet It, Ken can work on furthering his business and philanthropic goals and still be home to make memories his family. 


Jet It also offers operational pricing that’s half the cost of other private jet share programs to deliver unrivaled autonomy, efficiency, value, and convenience. As Ken says, Jet It’s ability to give him more time to do what he loves is priceless. 


Watch the video, and see what else Ken has to say.