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What does it mean to be a Veteran-Owned Company?

Being a veteran means so much more than serving in your country’s military. It means upholding foundational values. Being willing to make necessary sacrifices for the progression of a shared vision. Sharing experiences that can only be truly understood by men and women who’ve taken the oath to serve. 

This is why Jet It takes pride in being a community where veterans feel seen, heard, and understood. 

As a veteran-owned and operated company, serving others is at the core of who we are and reflective of our mission to operate safely and keep people happy. But what does our veteran foundation mean for the Jet It employees who have served? 

We asked them what it means to be a part of a #vetbiz. Here are their answers, followed by a chance to get to know them. 


Community of Comrades 

John Vogt, a former Air Force veteran, learned about Jet It while meeting members of the leadership team at a veteran event during his transition to civilian life. “Working for a veteran-owned and operated company has its benefits,” Vogt said. “The transition from the military to the civilian workforce can be challenging. When a transitioning member is afforded an opportunity to work for a veteran-owned and operated company, they feel welcomed and understood from experience and perspective. Veteran co-workers provide an immediate sense of comradery.” 

Rob Deiuliis, U.S. Army infantryman turned pilot, echoes Vogt’s remarks, “It’s great to work alongside like-minded people! The training has been amazing. Having good leadership really makes a difference, and you know you’re working with people who will have your back as much as you have theirs.” 

Erin Beran, Air National Guard, joined Jet It specifically because of the company’s commitment to veterans, employees, and communities. Since joining, Bernan says, “Working for a company operated by a veteran has been awesome. I feel like I am a member of a family here, much the same way as I feel around the members of my ANG unit.” 

Regardless of when they joined the Jet It team, the community is what keeps them here. Phillip Amidon, retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, says, “I have enjoyed the culture. It’s the camaraderie among veterans and fellow fighter pilots that I have really valued over the years.”

Kevin Roll, retired Air Force Colonel, can attest that the veteran community environment has been present from the inception of Jet It. After completing his deployment to Korea, he was among the first Jet It pilots to be hired. In addition to flying, Kevin helped establish the Red Jet Squadron program, one of the few owner-pilot programs in the industry. “Working for a company owned and operated by a veteran has been a huge blessing and motivational factor in my four years with Jet It.”


Clear Vision

An integral part of a community’s success is having a clear vision for the future. At Jet It, we’re committed to a policy of transparency for our customers, our teams, and our investors. From our successes to our challenges, we articulate the entire picture and a clear vision for the path ahead. “Our company’s mission planning, operations execution, and debrief to improve mindset is evident and reminiscent of our military training–and a key factor in Jet It’s success,” says Roll. 

Kevin Holbrook, US Air Force Air Battle Manager, joined Jet It in the Summer of 2022. After completing his training as SIC he says, “It’s been great working for Jet It. Everyone is working towards a common and well-defined goal and objective.”


Shared Values

While vision may guide a team, values are what keep a team together. Domenic Possemato, US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, says, “I like that the company is run by a CEO who has had a career structured by structure as a USAFA grad, fighter pilot, and corporate executive.” Possemato continues, “Not many companies in the 91/135 world have a solid education, training, and commitment to their business model. We have common values. It’s not who’s right but what’s right.” 

Integrity, professionalism, hard work, respect, and sound decision-making are our core values, and they are modeled from the top down. Shawn Robinson, Marine Corps pilot, joined Jet It as a Pilot in Command after retiring. Robinson said having a veteran as your CEO gives more confidence in the leadership. “In the Marine Corps, we live by honor, courage, and commitment,” Robinson explained. “I believe Glenn embodies these values, as well. The military understands mission accomplishment against overwhelming odds. Jet It has faced challenges, but Glenn does not back down from a fight.”


Leadership that Understands

Our community spirit, shared values, and common vision are set due to the strong leadership within our company. We are privileged to have service men and women throughout all ranks of our organization who contribute to our dynamic company culture.

Julian Rosemond, grandson of a Tuskegee Airmen, joined Jet It upon retiring from the Marine Corps. “Typically what you get in the military is high-level training, discipline, accelerated leadership, and life experience,” Rosemond said. “For most veterans, it is sometimes challenging to describe that experience to civilian corporate leadership teams. Having so many military veterans in the company is partly because of the veterans who make up our leadership team,” Rosemond added. “This has the effect of taking a chance and giving other veterans a shot. As a military veteran, your training really never leaves you. You can sense your surroundings, and it feels welcoming here for veterans.”

Paul DeSmet, a former NATO staff member, concurs. “Working for another veteran gives common ground and expectation of leadership. I will not work anywhere unless I can respect the leadership.”

At the forefront is our Co-Founder and CEO, Glenn Gonzales. Gonzales began his US Air Force career as a T-38A Instructor Pilot and culminated it as an F-15C Flight Commander and 4-Ship Flight Lead. Gonzales also participated as an active member of the US Embassy Kyrgyz Republic Country Team while deployed during Operation Enduring Freedom. In addition to serving as CEO of Jet It, Glenn is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF Reserves.

Steven Westbrook, West Point graduate and Army Field Artillery Officer, says, “I’ve been around some of the best leaders in the world, between West Point and my time in the Army. Glenn is one of the absolute best leaders I’ve ever been around. Culture and values start at the top, and Glenn is the biggest reason I wanted to work for Jet It.”

Roll suggests that Glenn is more than a leader, but also a great friend, “I’ve seen the team grow and mature from four jets and four pilots to 24 plus jets and 60-plus pilots. Glenn is a visionary and superb leader, in addition to being a friend.”

Adam Silva, US Coast Guard, says, “I love working for Glenn! I think Glenn’s insight and compassion for all of us is stellar. He remains completely approachable and down to earth at all times.”

“Quite honestly I’ve had a blast working for the company and I haven’t looked back,” adds Silva. 


An Honor to be of Service 

Jet It does not take the designation of “veteran-owned” and “veteran-operated” lightly. Together, we work to create an environment that serves those who have served our country. This includes support for our veteran team, mentorship to current military service veterans as they transition to civilian life, and aid to the Servant House, which provides housing and transportation to homeless veterans. Uplifting our community and honoring those who help keep our communities safe is not seasonal. It’s just the way we Jet It. 

We invite you to take a moment to read more about the veterans previously mentioned. We’re honored to recognize a few of our veteran employees and the contributions they’ve made to our nation, communities, and workplace.



Vogt’s 25-year career includes roles as Operations Flight Chief for Air Force One and Presidential Flight Attendant during the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations. 



Beran has served in the Air National Guard since 2016 with a focus on aviation. Through her work as a load planner, she gained the skills necessary as a Jet It flight coordinator. In 2020, Beran built a hospital to help with COVID response efforts and supported ROM (restriction of movement) operations, housing troops for pre-deployment quarantine. In early 2022, Beran worked with Operation Allies Welcome to help Afghan refugees transition to America. Beran has also worked part-time as a flight instructor and has flown and taught for the Civil Air Patrol. 

Adam Silva


Silva’s passion for aviation took off early. After soloing at 16, Silva earned all of his flight ratings while working as an A&P Mechanic for US Airways. Post-September 11, he joined the US Coast Guard. He had the privilege of conducting many search and rescue cases, and was able to have a direct hand in saving dozens of lives by MEDEVAC-ing people to medical help and locating stranded mariners, including wayward Cuban migrants who were often adrift for days in the straits of Florida. Silva also helped apprehend millions of dollars in illegal narcotics before they entered circulation in the US. 

pAUL dESmet


This Navy veteran has a long and storied career with 16 active and 11 reserve tour years. In addition to navigating submarines, serving on battle group staff, and working as a reserve skipper of a destroyer squadron. DeSmet concluded his military career as a NATO staff member. 



Amidon is a retired Lieutenant Colonel who served in the Air Force for more than 20 years. Amidon has flown a variety of aircraft, including the A-7D attack fighter and A-10A “Warthog” close air support fighter. Amidon has also worked as an instructor pilot, Flight Safety and Accident Investigator, First A-10 instructor for the 25th Fighter A-10 squadron in Korea, A-10 Operational Test and Tactics Testing, National Guard Bureau (Air National Guard) A-10 project manager, and A-10 Fighter Training Squadron Operations Officer (Chief Pilot equivalent). He is a USAF Air War College graduate, as well as a graduate of the USAF Fighter Weapons Instructor Course.

Shawn Robinson


Robinson served as a CH-53E pilot in the Marine Corps for the majority of his 20-year military career. He was also a Forward Air Controller, an Advisor to the 215th Afghan National Army, and a flight instructor on both the CH-53E and the TH-57. Robinson served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Kevin Roll


This retired Colonel’s 27-year active duty military career began when he graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1977. With more than 65 combat missions in Iraq and Bosnia/Herzegovina, Roll has thousands of flight hours, including 3310 hours in the F-16 and 500+ hours in the F-4. Roll has served as Squadron Commander, Director of Combat Operations, Director of Flight Operations and Training, and F-16 Contract Instructor Pilot. 

Steven Westbrook


Westbrook was recruited to West Point to play football. After graduating and being commissioned as a Field Artillery Officer, he was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma (with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan), Fort Campbell, Kentucky with the 101st Airborne Division, and back at West Point where he coached football at the United States Military Academy Preparatory School.

Julian Rosemond


Rosemond was born into the military, literally. He was born while his father, who himself was the son of a Tuskegee Airman, was serving active duty in the U.S. Army. As a child, Rosemond grew up flying in his father’s GA aircraft. After graduating from Ohio State University, he was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps Air Wing, where he served for more than 20 years. 

domenic possemato


Possemato is a retired United Airlines Captain who served as a United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. He flew T-38s as an instructor pilot in Columbus, MS, then served as an A-10 instructor pilot, ship flight lead, and AFAC in Woodbridge UK. Possemato later worked as a CTANG in Bradley, CT, clocking more than 3000 military flight hours. Domenic has also worked as an instructor, performed functional flight tests post-component or full aircraft maintenance, and served as a USAFA Liaison flying combat sorties in Bosnia in Operation Provide Comfort.

Mark Sanders


Sanders flew KC-130 aircraft in the Marines, during which time he saw action in the Gulf War and Somalia. After leaving the Marines, he flew for United Airlines for 25 years. He landed at Jet It in order to further his career and to fly with what he says is one of the industry’s most innovative companies owned and operated by a veteran like himself.

Rob Deiuliis


Deiuliis brings new meaning to the expression “Walk before you fly.” This U.S. Army infantryman served on two tours in four years, spending one year in Korea on the DMZ with the 2-9 Infantry Division and nine months on a combat deployment with the 1st Armored Division in Somalia, Kenya, and Djibouti. Although not a lot of infantrymen become pilots, Deiuliis changed the narrative, using his GI Bill to obtain his ratings and become a pilot.

Kevin Holbrook


As an Air Battle Manager in the United States Air Force for a decade, Holbrook served his country in myriad ways. He flew on and was deployed with the E-3 AWACS controlling aircraft in close air support over Iraq and Syria. He also spent four years working at NORAD & USNORTHCOM HQs in a variety of positions, including heading up the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Operations. After separating from active duty, he instructed C-17 and KC-135 crews on USAF combat operations in a contested environment.