Travel Tips Tuesday: Luxury AirBnb or Private Luxury Resort?

With the advent of AirBnb Luxe, AirBnB’s Luxury Rental service, Jet It owners have even more options when it comes to choosing where to stay. Today, we break down the pros and cons of a traditional private luxury resort and a property listed on AirBnB’s luxury page. We’ll highlight some key differences so you can better understand which option fits your travel style.


Pro: A Unique and Memorable Experience

It’s no coincidence that experiential travel has become a widespread trend alongside AirBnB’s popularity. Perhaps the service’s greatest perk is the number of truly unique experiential places to stay. Take a look at Houdini’s Estate or this ocean view treehouse for a taste of just how memorable your AirBnB stay can be.




Con: Not All Experiences Are Welcome


The downside to AirBnB’s wonderful diversity of options is there’s a greater chance for something to go amiss and there’s no hotel staff on hand to help you out. While most luxury properties do have staff on hand and caretakers for you to contact, it’s still not as easy as calling front desk to notify someone of an issue.



Pro: Freedom to Vacation Your Way

Another significant upside to AirBnB is the freedom it gives you. Unlike most resorts, you can book an entire residence through AirBnB, giving you the opportunity to make your own food, enjoy the pool at all hours of the night, and even host large groups in your travel party. Most AirBnB’s are designed and curated to feel like lived-in spaces, unlike hotels which are specifically designed for easy and quick turnover from one guest to the next.

Some AirBnB’s even allow you to book an extended stay of up to a month or more, meaning you can truly create a home away from home.



Con: Not as Convenient

Although hotels can feel like spaces made for temporary living, this efficiency comes with serious upside: on-site amenities and staff equipped to cater to your needs. While most luxury resorts will not have a fully stocked kitchen in your room, they will have an upscale restaurant and bar. If you don’t feel like getting out and exploring your destination but want to spend your time relaxing and letting loose, resorts are the option for you.



Pro: Better for Big Family Groups

Another unique aspect of AirBnB is the ability to travel with large family groups. While hotels often cater to business travelers and married couples on weekend getaways, AirBnBs are more family friendly due to their size (you can rent an entire house) and relative seclusion (you may not be in a building full of other guests). If you’re traveling with kids or a large group, you won’t have to worry about anyone being too loud for the people next door.



Con: Off the Beaten Path

Photo by La So on Unsplash

This isn’t necessarily a con for AirBnBs, depending on your preference, nor is it always true. However, AirBnBs are not always near hotspots or popular destinations. You may have to drive a bit to see the nearest museum, city center, or landmark.

Resorts and hotels, on the other hand, are almost always close to tourist hotspots or in the center of the city where most activities take place.




There’s no right or wrong when it comes to AirBnB vs. Private Resort, it mostly depends on your preferences as a traveler. Just be sure to do your research before you Jet It!