Rediscovering America

Maximizing life is a guiding principle at Jet It. Our Client Experience team provides our owners with experiential suggestions aligned with their travel goals and moods. We curate these experiences to provide added value beyond the necessities of a successful flight. The best memories are made when we satisfy our senses with new sights, tastes, and smells. At Jet It, we take pride in vetting travel locations, lodging, dining, and activity options to provide private and extraordinary experiences for all ages.


Since international travel has been delayed in the COVID era, now is the perfect time to pack up the family and rediscover the natural hidden wonders our beautiful country has to offer. From coast to coast, the United States has a plethora of natural beauty in our national parks from cascading waterfalls, to adventurous white-water rafting, or just a simple, tranquil self-guided nature walk.


Whatever your interest, Jet It can take you there! You can dive from cliffs, star gaze in Utah, mountain bike in Montana, or absorb the breathtaking backdrop of Colorado’s most picturesque views. From a simple day trip to an extended vacation, here are the top four, out of the ordinary, destinations for you and your family to escape the crowds and experience a journey that transcends the norm.



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This hidden gem is located in the Southwest coastal forest of Oregon and is suitable for year-round activities. Hiking fans enjoy this winding trail through the scenic canyon as they discover beautiful, cascading waterfalls. Families can enjoy time together at the picnic tables, listen to the rushing waters while fishing, and capture memories at picturesque viewpoints. Golden and Silver Falls are only 1.2 miles in length which make for a great day trip for the entire family, including any furry friends.



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For the active and adventurous hikers seeking the wonderment of majestic rock formations, Garden of the Gods offers an array of activities to revel in. You can start the day off by summiting Colorado’s most photographed views with the family friendly front-range climbing program. Keep the adrenaline going and bike your way through the monumental structures and transition to a self-guided nature walk. From high intensity activities to cruising Jeep tours, this destination has something for everyone.



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This International Dark Sky Park is illuminated by the night sky that showcases celestial wonders like the Milky Way. From plunging cliffs, telescopes have spotted galaxies, nebulas, and numerous planets under the cover of night. In the daytime, this magnificent canyon landscape offers ATV tours, hiking, and mountain biking for all levels of experience. The quiet and stillness of the area allows adventurers to fully soak in the resplendent views of America’s unique canyons.


Big Sky: Montana

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Just southeast of Yellowstone National Park is the Rocky Mountain community of Big Sky, Montana. As the year waxes long and the air becomes cool, this location claims its rightful place as one of the best winter ski resorts in America. Big Sky is an excellent springboard destination into Yellowstone National Park, which is only a short drive away. Yellowstone offers private activities such as ziplining, golfing, rafting, hot air balloons, and scenic lift rides.



Each of these brilliant locations fosters an atmosphere of serenity and adventure, helping you reconnect with yourself, your family, nature, and America’s beautiful countryside. No matter the length of your getaway, the Jet It 24/7 concierge is available to help curate the perfect trip for you.

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