Feel the rush of flying your personal jet at 43,000 feet. Join the Red Jet Squadron, the only fractional jet ownership opportunity that allows you to pilot your high-performance HondaJet Elite with one of our highly trained captains.

Red Jet Squadron - pilot your own private jet

When you achieve your HondaJet type rating, you’ll soar above with unparalleled benefits:


Enjoy consistent pricing with no additional insurance cost.


Pilot the jet or let one of our pilots take the stick so you can relax with your family and guests. The choice is yours!


Experience the distinctive freedom of one of the only private aviation services that allows owners to fly their own jet.


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Take to the skies. Start your first leg on the journey to achieving your HondaJet rating as soon as you become a Jet It owner and meet the minimum requirements, including your private pilot license with a multi-engine and instrument rating.

Prepare for takeoff.

Build your customized transition training through the Jet It pilot training department.

Customize Your Experience.

Earn your HondaJet SIC/PIC type rating through FlightSafety’s 16-day training program in Greensboro, NC, utilizing their ground school and full motion simulator.

Soar Higher.

Our Client Experience team can help you coordinate your training dates with FlightSafety, the only pilot training program for the HondaJet where you can achieve true HondaJet proficiency with the highest emphasis on safety. Learn via online, instructor-led ground school with FlightSafety’s Live Learning. Train with the VITAL 1100 visual system for realistic imagery and environmental conditions.

Earn Your Type Rating.

Fly with confidence thanks to an all-inclusive insurance and mentorship program with an experienced Jet It captain.