Phenom 300: Phenomenal in more than name alone.

Mach .8 speed. 2000 nautical mile range. 1 phenomenal light jet.

Discover how the fastest, longest-range, best-selling light jet in the business aviation can take you further.



Why choose the Phenom 300?

With stunning performance, comfort, and technology, Embraer’s Phenom 300 lives up to its name. The Phenom 300 sets the standard with clean-sheet design, best-in-class performance, and superior flight experience. Together with Jet It’s unique fractional jet ownership, the Phenom 300 is at the leading edge of business aviation.

2010 NM Range

Mach 0.80 Speed

Up to 9 Passengers

85 Cubic Feet of Storage

Executive Club Seating

Wireless Audio/Video Streaming

The Phenom 300. At the speed of life.

When it comes to comfort and performance, the Phenom 300 breaks all the barriers.

  • Exceptionally fast mid-range travel, perfect for trips like Boston to Austin, Victoria to Winnipeg, Los Angeles to Louisiana 
  • Forward-thinking cabin design with creature comforts and business necessities
  • Executive club seating for four, two front-facing seats, and belted lavatory option
  • Lavatory equipped room with elegant vanity, sink, and full privacy doors
  • Cutting-edge “backbone of technology” with adjustable lighting, touchscreens in cabin, portable device integration, and patented flush gaspers
  • Prodigy® Touch Flight Deck smart automation for increased pilot efficiency and faster takeoff

Phenom 300 specifications


  • Maximum Cruise Speed 464 KTAS / 534 MPH 
  • Maximum Cruise Altitude 45,000 ft 
  • Range Maximum Range 2,010 NM 
  • Bonus 85 cubic feet of storage for personal baggage plus skis, fishing gear, or up to four golf club bags
Phenom 300 Angled
Phenom 300 Interior

The world is your runway.

With Jet It’s unique day-use model, you have access to your jet for an entire day rather than by the hour so you can truly own the day. Travel to multiple locations in a single day, or land in one incredible locale. Simply tell us when and where you’d like to travel, and we’ll handle the rest.


Phenom 300

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