Embraer Phenom 300


2,010 nautical miles

Flight Endurance

4 hours




76 cu ft

Excellence meets Disruption

The fastest, longest-range jet in its class meets our value-driven days-based model–to meet your needs.

When it comes to comfort and performance, the Phenom 300 breaks all the barriers. The exceptionally fast mid-range travel carries a modern forward-thinking cabin design

executive club seating

Executive Club Seating

Ideal for conversation, meetings, hosting small groups, and more, with space for additional guests.



Touchscreens and portable device integration allow you to create a comfortable workspace and track flight progression.



At an impressive top speed of 0.80 Mach, the Phenom 300 gets you there faster than other jets in its class–wherever “there” is for you.

Seize the day, not the hour.

You live by the day, not the hour. The same should hold true with your travel. Our day-based fractional jet ownership program puts us at the leading edge of freedom, convenience, and flexibility with jet use by the day rather than the hour. Stack business meetings in different cities, check on properties across regions, visit friends, and make it home before dinner. With Jet It and the Phenom 300, you maximize your time–and the possibilities. See how our introductory 18-day Jet-12 compares to the competitive 50 hour program.


Are you ready to Jet It?

See how this best-in-class jet and our day-use model can elevate your travel experience.

Simple Consistent Pricing

Our simple, all-inclusive cost structure includes acquisition, monthly management, hourly rates. You only pay for the time you fly, which means no empty leg or repositioning fees.

Phenom 300 Interior

Complimentary Concierge

From pre-travel to wheels up, we take your travel experience to the next level. Schedule 24 hours to 24 months in advance. Enjoy complimentary concierge service for scheduling your jet, curating food and beverage service, and coordinating ground transportation.

The owners’ view

We give go-getters more time to go get it. See what they have to say.


Phenom 300