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In addition to the industry’s most innovative fractional jet ownership model, Jet It offers some of the world’s finest private jets. The sky’s the limit with a variety of sizes and range options. Whether you want a mid-range HondaJet for regional business travel or a Praeter 500 for bicoastal adventures, you can land the aircraft of your dreams with Jet It. After all, we don’t just offer HondaJets, Phenom 300s, and Praetor 500s for sale. We offer freedom for life.

Discover how Jet It’s innovative day-use model gives you more time, more flexibility, and more value.

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HondaJet: The science of performance. The art of comfort. 

Optimal aerodynamic performance, meet ultimate in-cabin experience. When you buy a HondaJet, you’re buying an aircraft that flies above other jets in its class with superior fuel efficiency, advanced aeronautic design, and over-wing engine placement. The result? Exceptional power, performance, and comfort. Having it all is just a matter of altitude. 

  • Up to 6 passengers
  • Maximum range of 1,437 NM
  • Perfect for regional travel, like New York to Miami, Chicago to Charlotte, Toronto to Montreal

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Phenom 300: Moving at the speed of life. 

As the fastest, longest-range, best-selling single pilot aircraft in business aviation, Embraer’s Phenom 300 is a study in superlatives–and the perfect complement to Jet It’s unique approach. In addition to its ability to reach Mach 0.80, the Phenom 300 also speeds its way to owners’ hearts with the ultimate in comfortable luxury. The Phenom 300 sets the standard with clean-sheet design, best-in-class performance, and flight experience. The forward-thinking cabin design includes cutting-edge creature comforts with adjustable lighting, touchscreen monitors, portable device integration, wireless audio/video streaming, and more. A Phenom 300 for sale means luxury for sale. With a 2,000+ nautical mile range and exceptional craftsmanship, the Phenom lives up to its name. 

  • Up to 9 passengers
  • Maximum range of 2,010 NM
  • Perfect for mid-range travel, like Boston to Austin, Victoria to Winnipeg, Los Angeles to Louisiana

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Praetor 500: Best-in-class range. A whole new altitude. 

Embraer’s Praetor 500 goes the distance so you can, too. This industry-leading mid-size jet offers leading-edge range, speed, and cabin altitude to take you further in every sense of word. Cross continents and cross off your to-do list with a long-range cruise of 3,250 nm (6,019 km) and maximum endurance of almost 8 hours. Its nonstop range accommodates your nonstop lifestyle with the fastest speeds in its category, while elegant design and meticulous attention to detail take comfort to an entirely new level. The best midsize jet. The best jet ownership program. Who says you can’t have it all? Learn about the Praetor 500 for sale.

  • Up to 9 passengers
  • Maximum range of 3,250 NM
  • Perfect for long-range travel like NYC to LA, Miami to Seattle, Vancouver to Ottawa

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Map out your path. 

Which jet share option is right for you? Compare the range of the HondaJet, the Phenom 300, and the Praetor 500. Then make a flight plan to pick your perfect plane.

Safer at any speed. 

Jet It raises the bar on safety with some of the most advanced jets and experienced pilots in jet share ownership.

Our fleet consists of leading-edge aircraft designed, manufactured, and supported by brands known for quality, efficiency, and reliability.

Great piloting requires excellent decision making and extensive flying experience. Our pilots have all that and more.

We also keep our fleet in high-flying shape with more than 50 years of maintenance experience. Our highly trained maintenance professionals keep our fleet flying safely with commitment to our core values of personal pride, cleanliness, and quality control.

Learn about our commitment to safety.

Love where you land.

Wherever you want to go, get there faster and stay longer when you Jet It.
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HondaJet: The height of mid-range flight.

With the capability to fly at 43,000 feet above weather and traffic, the HondaJet combines the comfort and stability of a heavy jet with the superior performance and efficiency of a light jet. Business meeting down the coast? Lunch in Seattle and dinner in Los Angeles? HondaJet will get you there in comfort.

HondaJet features

Flight Deck

Next-gen Garmin avionics encompass three displays with dual touchscreen controllers.


Articulating club seats for four guests, plus a single side-facing seat, and a belted lavatory option.


Equipped room with skylight, mirror, sink, and full privacy doors.


Extended capacity in the rear and nose, which can easily fit 4 golf bags and personal luggage.

HondaJet Specifications

Performance Maximum Cruise Speed

422 KTAS / 486 MPH

Maximum Cruise Altitude

43,000 ft

Range Maximum Range

1,437 NM

Engine’s Manufacturer/Model

GE Honda / HF120

Cabin Comfort

Length 12.0 ft

Width 5.0 ft

Height 4.8 ft

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Phenom 300: Phenomenal flight.

The Phenom 300 offers versatile luxury. It’s the fastest and longest-range light jet, and offers the ultimate experience in business aviation, with stunning performance, comfort and technology.

Phenom 300 features

Flight Deck

The Prodigy® Touch Flight Deck reduces pilot checklists thanks to smart automation.


Executive club seating for four, two front-facing seats, and belted lavatory option.


Equipped room with elegant vanity, sink, and full privacy doors.


Cutting-edge “backbone of technology” with adjustable lighting, touchscreen monitors and patented flush gaspers.

Phenom 300 specifications


Maximum Cruise Speed 464 KTAS / 534 MPH

Maximum Cruise Altitude 45,000 ft

Range Maximum Range 2,010 NM

Engines Manufacturer/Model Pratt & Whitney / PW535E

Cabin Comfort

Length 17.17 ft

Width 5.08 ft

Height 4.92 ft

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Praetor 500: Think fast. Real fast.

The Praetor 500 offers 500 reasons to love this innovative aircraft. As the world’s most disruptive and technologically advanced midsize jet, the Praetor 500 embodies the pinnacle of comfort for transcontinental travel. It’s fast. It’s high-performing. It’s elegant. Its mission: helping you accomplish yours. 

Praetor 500 features

Flight Deck

The Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion® features full fly-by-wire with side-sticks.

Cabin Executive club seating for four, two front-facing seats, and 2-place forward divan.

Comfort Six foot tall flat-floor cabin with fully berthing reclining seats.

Performance Delivers a nonstop range at long range cruise of 3,250 nm with a max endurance of nearly 8 hours.

Praetor 500 specifications


Maximum Cruise Speed 462 KTAS / 531 MPH Maximum Cruise Altitude 45,000 ft


Maximum Range 3,250 NM


Manufacturer/Model Honeywell / HTF7500E

Cabin Comfort

Length 20.6 ft

Width 6.8 ft

Height 6 ft

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New York CityJFKAtlantaATL1:59
New York CityJFKJacksonvilleJAX2:09
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Phenom 300
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New York CityJFKMiamiMIA2:24
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Praetor 500
New York CityJFKPrince RupertYPR5:35
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San FranciscoSFOBostonLAX5:32
San FranciscoSFOWashingtonIAD4:59
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