The Jet It solution is comprised of two efficient aircraft, the HondaJet and Guflstream 150.


The HondaJet is superior to any other jet in its class. The aeronautic over-the-wing engine placement give passengers the ultimate in-cabin flight experience. Easily fly from NYC to Miami on this jet.


With Gulfstream G150s fleet addition, the Jet It solution can provide coast-to-coast missions in the US and beyond. Easily fly from LA to Boston on this jet.


With the capability to fly at 43,000 feet above weather and traffic, the HondaJet combines the comfort and stability of a heavy jet with the superior performance and efficiency of a light jet.

With significantly more legroom and a whisper-quiet cabin, you can stretch out in the club-style cabin, comfortably work from your office in the sky, or catch up with friends and family.

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The impressive Gulfstream G150 is a leader in efficiency, operating at speeds up to 0.85 Mach and flies comfortably at 45,000 feet above weather and traffic.

Because it can fly farther, faster, and higher than any other aircraft in its class, it is a superior jet to have on-hand when you need coast-to-coast travel.

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You can travel with more luggage than you thought possible with 66 cubic feet of storage in the HondaJet. Easily fit your personal baggage plus skis, fishing gear, or up to six golf bags.

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