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Jet It CEO Glenn Gonzales honored by Business North Carolina

Jet It CEO Glenn Gonzales has always had an upward trajectory. From his time as a decorated U.S. Air Force veteran and Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF Reserves to his role at the helm of one of the industry’s most innovative companies, Glenn has proven himself to be a dedicated leader committed to his clients, his team, and his community. 

Now Glenn has joined the ranks of Michael Jordan, Richard Childress, and Bubba Cunningham on Business North Carolina’s Power List. This renowned list features biographies and comments by North Carolina’s most influential business leaders, offering a glimpse of those leading the state’s dynamic and growing economy.

It’s fitting that Glenn was honored in the Transportation category. As the state known for being First in Flight, North Carolina has a proud history of excellence in aviation. Glenn echoes that storied legacy as the founder of a unique fractional jet ownership company.

As he said in an article in one37pm.com, “We are all looking for more autonomy and efficiency in how we travel. If we can avoid it, we would all rather take a private jet versus a bus or commercial aircraft. There are several aviation companies that fly to other countries, but none that have a true defined international presence in multiple countries,” said Gonzales.

Indeed, Jet It’s unique jet share model has really taken off. As profiled in Aero News, Jet It is expanding its fleet, right along with its operations. The company has nearly doubled its jets, added 70 employees, and grown 150% year over year from 2020 to 2021. 

“The Jet It model is the first of its kind, and 100% of our growth and awards are due to the tremendous talent we have throughout our organization,” said Glenn. “Our vision extends beyond transportation to enriching lives.”

We’re all excited to see where Glenn takes Jet It–and its owners and employees–next.