Jet It to Deer Valley Resort and Discover the Iconic Utah Mountains

Deer Valley Resort is in the heart of Park City, Utah. People arrive from around the country to enjoy summer mountain biking trails to winter skiing in the Utah mountains. With a population of 8,400, Park City, Utah was made for outdoor enthusiasts. Known for hosting the Sundance Film Festival and the 2002 Winter Olympics, Park City, Utah offers a storied past for present and future visitors. As the leaves change color, this month is the ideal time to experience Park City, Utah. 

Although Park City, Utah is a small community, it’s known as a huge tourist destination with around 600,000 visitors per year. This popularity reflects how much this vibrant city has to offer.

Enjoy “Fawn” Adventures at Deer Valley Resort

Park City, Utah is most notably recognized for Deer Valley Resort, a place for skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. Located in the Wasatch Range, Deer Valley Resort is consistently ranked among the top resorts in North America because of its endless outdoor activities and many amenities. Regardless of the season, you can explore the Wasatch mountains, 70 miles of trails, and food options.

Canyons Resort, River-Rafting, and Roaring Coasters

In Park City, Utah, you can also check out the beauty of Canyons Village resort. Since it opened in 1968, Canyons Resort has become another beautiful ski vacation destination. It also offers off-the-chart food like Cloud Dine, considered the best on-mountain dining. 

Explore other outdoor adventures in Park City, Utah in the summer like a private river raft excursion on the gorgeous Provo River. Raft for five miles along some Level II rapids if you’re looking for more outdoor adventures.

Roaring Roller Coasters or Relaxing Museums

If you love theme parks, you’ll fall in love with Alpine Coaster, a theme park full of attractions. This roller coaster isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s designed to go at speeds of up to 30 mph with jaw-dropping twists and turns. For a more relaxing adventure, you can check out the historic museum. You’ll discover the history of silver mining and how it eventually led to Park City, Utah reinventing itself as a ski resort.

Brewery in Park City, Utah

With all the adventure in Park City, Utah, you’ll need a place to refuel with delicious food and drink. For 30 years, Wasatch Brew Pub has offered handcrafted beers from Apricot Hefeweizen to the Devastator, a double bock lager. You can also book a private tasting room for brunch, lunch, and dinner parties.

Park City Historic District

For more history in Park City, Utah, check out the storied past of the Historic District. Originally a silver mining town, Park City eventually transformed into a ski town. As you walk through the historic streets, you’ll discover over 200 unique shops, which include restaurants, spas, and more.

Enjoy Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway

To see the beauty of Utah’s magnificent mountains, then take a look at the Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway. Although it begins in the city of Kamas, about 15 miles away, this drive takes you past rivers and lakes, and forests, and finally ends in Wyoming. It’s a perfect summer drive to take in Utah’s natural beauty. As you climb the mountaintops, you’ll see ski lifts, mountain views, and a spectacle of nature. This drive, however, can only be taken in dryer months because theroads aren’t plowed in the winter. 

Park City, Utah Offers Everything and More

Park City, Utah is a small town with a big heart. It offers everything for outdoor enthusiasts who love to ski, hike, or mountain bike. For a quieter adventure, you can easily escape into the history and culture of Park City, or discover its natural beauty in a drive through the mountains. The best way to experience it all is with Jet It. If you’re ready to see the natural beauty from above and below, then reach out to discover how you can become a fractional jet owner with Jet It. With our hybrid-fractional ownership model, you’ll have more time and value than any other jet share company. Don’t wait to take flight on Jet It, the industry’s most innovative model.