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Nestled on the southern coast of North Carolina at the mouth of the Cape Fear River is one of the east coast’s most historic and overlooked cities. Wilmington, North Carolina is known for its rich history and folklore as well as beautiful beaches. We’re going to uncover why Wilmington is a hidden gem for history buffs and anyone looking to discover someplace new.

Autumn leaves reflected in a sunny lake.

As the days shorten and autumn sets in, we’re looking for ways to get out and enjoy the nice weather and see some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes. So this month, we’re featuring Roanoke Virginia, a must see for leaf peepers and fall enthusiasts and the perfect destination for an all-around excellent family weekend.

The Jet Set, Redefined

“The concierge service is so accommodating,” says Steve S. “Jet It takes care of everything from start to finish, and makes everything amazingly easy.”

FLYING CEO Craig Fuller speaks with Glenn Gonzales on Jet It’s Red Jet Squadron program for pilot-owners who want to fly their fractional jet.

View of Portland Head Lighthouse on the evening coast.

For this #wheretowednesday, we’ll show you why Portland, Maine is a foodie haven and the perfect vacation spot for anyone wanting to soak up some seaside charm.

This week, we’re wondering how to make the most of your flight time? Other than hopping on your laptop or tablet to get some work done (which let’s be honest, doesn’t sound too appealing) what can you do to be productive while enjoying your luxury flight?

You won't need to travel all the way to Europe to explore stunning architecture, vibrant and storied art, and French culture. As one of North America’s oldest European settlements, Quebec City is deeply rooted in French Heritage...

Glenn Gonzales, Jet It CEO, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the private aviation industry and the global energy crisis.

Jeremi Austin of Jet It Canada says, "I've been in the industry since the late '90s and have never seen a product offering [Jet It] quite like this; it breaks down the barriers to entry."