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Is your exercise routine getting stale? Test your endurance and build strength with this versatile water sport.

The demand for private travel has increased immensely over the past year. Listen to section 2 as they talk the private travel boom with Jeremi Austin, Managing Director of Jet It Canada. Stay tuned for conversations on stocks and bonds with Tye Bousada of Edgepoint Investment Group.

Carla Harris interviews Glenn Gonzales of Jet It and former NFL player, Gerome Sapp, on Access & Opportunity.

"You are not selling to make a commission. You have to be focused on solving the individual’s problem." - Glenn Gonzales, Jet It CEO and Co-Founder

Moncton’s location grants you the opportunity to watch migrating whales, see the world’s most dramatic tides, and taste the best seafood the Atlantic has to offer.

Jet It has been the focus of Harvard and Yale business school case studies and earned numerous world records in aviation.

Jet It owners can choose from 10% - 50% ownership of the HondaJet Elite S, providing anywhere from 25 to 130 days of use.

Jet It and JetClub have become the first private aviation company in the world to provide a consistent experience in 3 geographic territories: the US, Canada, and Europe.

Entrepreneur Of The Year® is the world's most prestigious business awards program for celebrates entrepreneurs through regional and national awards programs in more than 145 cities in over 60 countries.