Going: Jet It Owners Can SWORKIT

If you’ve checked the date (or the weather) recently, you know summer is about to be in full effect and it’s time to sweat! Jet It has partnered with acclaimed fitness tool, SWORKIT, to bring each Jet It owner access to their premium health content. Our staff is currently competing in one of SWORKIT’s monthly fitness challenges, but don’t worry, you can kick your summer regimen into gear at your own leisure. To access your account, scan the QR code found in your June 2021 Going email.


We Heard It’s Going to Be a Hot Summer


Maybe you have fallen victim to the crash weight loss cycle. You know, the urge to lose weight during the summer, followed by one-too-many holiday cheat meals that compound as we enter winter hibernation. Then New Years’ rolls around, and the fitness spark arises again until quitting season hits somewhere between Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day. Well – the summer is here, which means it’s time to get in shape again. However, this time, Jet It is bringing you SWORKIT or “Simply Work It” which focuses on a sustainable, healthy lifestyle you can implement at your pace. 

There are multiple reasons why people decide to forgo the gym. For some, it’s their bustling lifestyle, and others may prefer to sweat in the tranquility of a private space. No matter the reason, SWORKIT was built with your pain, frustration, and busy schedule in mind. With over 100 million workouts, SWORKIT can create a custom plan for you to lose weight, tone up, or gain muscle. Guided videos are the main element of the app which make exercise simple and help you reach transformational goals. Not sure where to start? You can try one of SWORKIT’s six week plans which give you the option to choose your focus area and level of difficulty.


Quick Sworkit Facts


          • Great selection of personalized workout plans via app and online
          • Customizable workout length
          • Suitable for workouts at home
          • Guided video workouts that supports proper execution
          • Clean user interface

Member Community and Personal Trainers


Community and accountability are essential to sustaining weight loss and committing to a healthy lifestyle. SWORKIT provides a private online gathering space for members who are looking for long-term results.

Everyone’s fitness journey should be personalized, which is why SWORKIT gives access to certified fitness trainers at a click of a button. These coaches provide one-on-one advice on how to get started and how to reach your objectives. In addition to guiding your exercise journey, they can also create a custom nutrition plan so you can see better results sooner. 


A Little Something Extra

Utilize the various workout collections to fit your available equipment or preferred exercise method. If you like your experience, suggest the app to friends and team members to compete in monthly challenges together. In addition, you can engage your family with complimentary kid-friendly workouts. Jet It is excited to extend SWORKIT’s fitness tool to you and hope you stay happy and healthy!