Going: Inspire the Mind

Engaging Your Limitless Potential

By CJ Crawford

How I Built This with Guy Raz

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Hitting a mental block or just need some plain ‘ol perspective? Take a break from your work and dive into the How I Built This podcast on NPR. This podcast showcases how groundbreaking entrepreneurs found their way through the noise to build their careers. Hosted by NPR’s Guy Raz, the podcast explains all the twists and turns that occur in an entrepreneur’s life as each narrates the story of their successful businesses. How I Built This explores a diverse array of companies from Patreon to Fitbit. The episode on Calendly is particularly eye-opening as founder Tope Awotona takes you on a journey from the traumas of his childhood in Nigeria to his first two startup failures, and how he overcame his challenges by creating his multi-million dollar solution to simplify meeting schedules. This podcast comes as a recommendation from Jet It Sales Director, Dale Crowner, who is an avid listener of this NPR series.

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

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For a good book, Jet It Sales Director, Steven Westbrook, recommends Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. This book offers a chronological memoir that sheds light on McConaughey’s many life stories to form insightful life lessons. The self-proclaimed “approach book” is scattered with introspective short poems and prayers from McConaughey’s journals that give very candid pieces of wisdom for one’s life. Greenlights is a fantastic coffee table book or in-flight read which is described as, “…a mashup of Anthony Bourdain with Ernest Hemingway, McConaughey tells stories with the aplomb of accomplished raconteur.” If you’d like this book for your next flight, you can request Jet It Client Experience to provide it for you.  

Headspace Guided Meditations

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If you are new to meditation, advanced, or anywhere in between, the Headspace collection offers a wide array of formats for guided meditation. They provide an app, podcast, YouTube videos, and a Netflix series. Recommended by Jet It Director of Marketing, Lindsay Greene, her favorite format is the Netflix series. On Netflix, host Andy Puddicombe utilizes simple visualizations to walk you through concepts and practices learned at his monastery. Each Netflix episode is about twenty minutes long with a ten minute meditation for you to try. The way Puddicombe expertly presents his meditations allows you to repeat episodes, further deepening your practice and ability to reach quiet mental space. 

If you prefer to listen via podcast, Puddicombe’s episode “It’s Always Better in Retrospect” is an excellent place to start. This episode discusses the ability to let go of moments that boggle our minds long after they’ve occurred. By practicing this type of meditation, it allows you to be more present in your daily life rather than constantly expending energy judging ourselves or our situations. While most of us attempt to find life’s answers by looking out, we often forget the power of looking in.