Going: Getting Your Feet off the Ground

Two Spots to Challenge Any Sports Lover

By CJ Crawford

If there’s one thing life has reminded us throughout the pandemic, it’s the simple joy of being outside. Maybe you’re a life-long outdoor enthusiast, or you’re curious about testing your athleticism in a new way. Either way, there’s something very special to be had when engaging in extreme sports. It seems paradoxical, but “living on the edge” allows space where one finds the most mental clarity and relief. With so many demands, distractions, pings, and pressures of a highly-functioning lifestyle, there’s nothing better than physical challenge when it’s needed the most.

We have provided a brief on two locations to try next time you’d like to do something new. If you’re interested in visiting a particular location but don’t know where to start, Jet It Client Experience can arrange a full travel itinerary with your personal preferences in mind.

Red Rock National Conservation Area

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If you’re seeking a bit of adrenaline-inducing sport, be sure to check Red Rock National Conservation Area in Las Vegas, NV. Known for its many canyons and mountains, Red Rock has a plethora of hills and mountains to climb. Two of the best areas to climb are the Calico Hills and Sandstone Quarry due to their increased cementing factor. All experience levels can climb at Red Rock with the option of guided instruction, but for those looking to go solo, the two aforementioned areas offer you higher degree of challenge. 

Cabarete Beach, Dominican Republic

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For those who favor the water, you can try kitesurfing at Cabarete Beach, located in the Dominican Republic. The north shore of this island is perfect for kitesurfing, with its windy climate and flat waters. For maximum convenience, you can opt for an eight-day stay at the eco-friendly eXtreme Hotel in Cabaret. This spot offers daily yoga practice, free kitesurfing equipment, daily kitesurfing lessons, and unlimited guided meditation practices. For exhilaration and relaxation, this is a great escape to enjoy with your athletic friends and family members. Although this beach is windy year-round, keep in mind the best conditions for kitesurfing are during the summer.