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Days-based travel for unrivaled value

Own the jet. Book the flight. Reap the benefits. It’s that simple.

Our days-based fractional ownership program empowers you to do more with your day. Take care of business and still make it back in time for life’s important moments.

Balance Your Day

Our days-based ownership program is built to provide you with more time, so you don’t have to choose between business and pleasure. You can have both. With access to the jet for the day*, you have the freedom and autonomy to optimize your time. Your investment goes further when you Jet It. See how our introductory 18-day Jet-12 share compares to the competitive 50-hour program.


*In accordance with FAA flight duty day restrictions

Discover Our Ownership Options


25 Days

1/10 Ownership


40 Days

1/6 Ownership


55 Days

1/5 Ownership


70 Days

1/4 Ownership


90 Days

1/3 Ownership


130 Days

1/2 Ownership

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More time. Same Great Benefits.

Simple Consistent Pricing

Our simple, all-inclusive cost structure includes acquisition, monthly management, hourly rates. You only pay for the time you fly, which means no empty leg or repositioning fees.

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Dedicated Flight Crew

Our top priority is to operate safely and keep our people happy. Each flight is crewed by two pilots backed by our Argus Platinum rating.


From pre-travel to wheels up, we take your travel experience to the next level. Schedule 24 hours to 24 months in advance. Enjoy complimentary concierge service for scheduling your jet, curating food and beverage service, and coordinating ground transportation.
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Our aircraft are equipped with unlimited, high-speed WiFi and quiet cabins. This is perfect for working en route or for simply enjoying a peaceful flight on your way to your next adventure.

The owners’ view

Jet It delivers the highest level of private jet travel. Who says? Our owners. See for yourself.

Fly more. Do more. Live more.

Take off with the best in value day-based fractional jet ownership company. See how we have transformed the industry–and how we can transform the way you travel.

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