Each pilot is focused on mistake-free operations, but also keenly prepared to meet and exceed your service expectations. To ensure our safety record exceeds that of commercial airlines, we conduct continuous safety calls and attend industry conferences to remain updated on safety changes in the industry. In addition, we consistently audit our operations, both internally and externally,  to ensure that our procedures and practices remain in line with industry best practices.


All pilots are Flight Safety International qualified. To ensure the highest levels of pilot proficiency, crew members undergo rigorous annual training that far exceeds federal requirements.


We maintain the highest safety standards in the industry. Our aircraft are operated via Part 135 certificate #WY1A261K. They undergo live, third-party auditing from Wyvern WINGMAN, IS-BAO, and ARG/US Gold to ensure that our company’s safety practices meet the industry’s most rigorous standards.


At Jet It, personal development is as equally important as professional development. For this reason, we invite professional speakers who focus on leadership and decision making to speak to our entire operations team. As an aviation company run by aviators, we recognize that the error chain in aviation incidents typically begins with a poor decision. Thus, we focus on personal development in this area to ensure our pilots are better prepared to make sound decisions in the professional environment.


Some Jet It pilots begin their aviation careers by learning the Jet It way of life through the country’s largest non-collegiiate fleet of Cirrus aircraft and designated Platinum Cirrus Training Center. Once they meet the appropriate standards and demonstrate excellence in the skills required, they can apply to become part of the Jet It Operations Team as a First Officer.


Our operating partner, flyADVANCED Jet, is the premier service center in the Eastern US. It has been voted #1 Cirrus Service center three times with multiple part 145 repair stations. Jet It ensures your jets will remain airborne with Honda’s reliability and meticulous mobile maintenance capability by flyADVANCED Jet.

  • DISCIPLINE  Successful maintenance operations require exceptional discipline. Jet It and our operating partner painstakingly follow every detail of procedural manuals, and work with the FAA and aircraft manufacturers to stay ahead of preventive and mandatory directives.
  • CLEANLINESS – Countless studies have shown a clean work environment promotes better performance. In partnership with our operating partner, we have adopted this philosophy in our maintenance and flight operations efforts to ensure that our professionals have a work environment that supports exceptional performance.

Pride of work requires two elements: an internal desire to perform well and a culture that promotes it. In all aspects of Jet It, the pride of ownership is a critical metric in our talent acquisition rubric. In connection with our operating partner, our personnel selection follows our value of quality over quantity.