High Expectations?

You’ve landed at the right jet share company.

Experience the leading edge of fractional jet ownership. Backed by 45 years of combined aviation experience and expertise, Jet It offers the ultimate in convenience and luxury with jets that fly on your schedule and via your itinerary.

Taking convenience and privacy higher

Other jet shares can’t measure up. With Jet It, you can skip the hassles, expense, and inconsistencies of other private air travel models.

The Jet It advantage? The 43,000-foot view.

Jet It isn’t just another private jet share company. Jet It offers unequaled upside for owners.

  • Incomparable value at half the cost of traditional fractional ownership
  • State-of-the-art fleet of HondaJets and Phenom 300s
  • Exclusive ability to jet freely across the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Caribbean
  • Industry’s best day-use model
  • Straightforward pricing with no domestic repositioning fees or empty-leg
  • Dedicated flight crew with captain and first officer
  • Only fractional ownership model that lets pilot owners fly their own jet, if they desire
  • Complimentary concierge service

With HondaJet technology implementation and a unique model in the jet share space, it’s no surprise that Jet It has been studied by Harvard Business School and lauded by owners and industry experts alike.


Own the day

In addition to owning 1/10 to 1/2 of an efficient HondaJet or a Phenom 300, you’ll also own your days with fractional jet ownership’s best day-use model. Travel to multiple locations in a single day. Stack business meetings in remote and urban areas. Take a weekend trip with your crew. Explore off the beaten path and get lost in all that you find.

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Power your ideas

Jet It delivers unparalleled value. Our simple, all-inclusive cost structure includes acquisition, monthly management, hourly rates, and guaranteed residual value. You only pay for the time you fly, which means no empty leg or repositioning fees. Plus, our hourly rate and management fees are lower than other options.

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Ready for takeoff

Whether you use your HondaJet or Phenom 300 as a corporate jet or a vehicle for the perfect getaway, Jet It makes it easy to get out (and up) there. You can schedule your jet in as little as 24 hours prior to takeoff, or as early as 24 months in advance.

At 485 miles per hour, the HondaJet can fly faster and higher than any other business jet in its class. Take care of business with unlimited high-speed WiFi and a whisper-quiet cabin. Create time in your schedule to do more of the activities you love with the people you cherish most.

Business? Pleasure? Getaway with your four-legged best friend? Yes. Because with Jet It, the sky isn’t the limit anymore.

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Dedicated concierge service

Our concierge is your personal assistant. In addition to scheduling your travel experience, our concierge provides curated food and beverage and coordinates ground transportation. All available to you at no additional cost.  Our team is there to ensure that every detail is perfectly handled, start to finish.


Time flies

Make the most of it by going where you want, when you want with the fractional jet company that’s redefining the jet share industry.

Fly higher.

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Safer at any speed

Jet It raises the bar on safety with some of the most advanced jets and experienced pilots in jet share ownership.

Our fleet consists of leading-edge aircraft designed, manufactured, and supported by brands known for quality, efficiency, and reliability.

Great piloting requires excellent decision making and extensive flying experience. Our pilots have all that and more.

We also keep our fleet in high-flying shape thanks to our team of dedicated maintenance professionals. With decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to our core values of personal pride, cleanliness, and quality control, these highly trained experts ensure that our HondaJets and Phenom 300s fly safely.

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