Exercise & Energize: 4 Best Spots for Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Is your exercise routine getting stale? In this post we’re shining a light on one of our favorite outdoor activities, stand up paddle boarding or SUP for short.


What makes stand up paddle boarding so appealing is its versatility. Want to test your endurance while strengthening your arms and core? Take a long trek downriver or across the lake. Need to amp up your yoga routine? Take your board out and try a crow’s pose while balancing atop the water.


It’s easy to see why this water sport has become so popular across the world. Today we’ll highlight a few of can’t miss experiences if you’re looking to try SUP for the first time or want to take your board out to a new spot.


For the Yogi – Lake Tahoe and Lake Powell



What is SUP yoga? Exactly what it sounds like, practicing a yoga routine while sitting or standing on your paddle board. There are numerous benefits to this. It helps improve balance and strengthen your core even more so than regular yoga. The natural rhythm of the water helps one center their breathing and connect body and soul. Lastly, it puts you out in nature where you’ll get fresh air and sunlight.


Technically you can practice SUP yoga anywhere you can paddle board, however, to get the most out of your practice, you’ll likely want someplace peaceful with calmer water, fewer boats, and vistas that inspire serenity. Two places come to mind, each unique but very different.


The first is Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada. With crystal clear waters and a truly placid surface, this lake is a dream for both yogis and SUP enthusiasts alike. Best of all, it’s easy to get to from out of state since Lake Tahoe is just a short drive from Reno and Sacramento. Jet It Owners can choose which city they prefer. The catch with Lake Tahoe is that it is cool year-round, and you need to dress warm even in summer. However, if the cold doesn’t bother you and you want to clear your mind and cleanse your soul in one of the cleanest bodies of water in America, Lake Tahoe should not be missed.



For those who want something a bit warmer, look no further than Lake Powell in Arizona. Though Lake Powell is technically a manmade reservoir, it’s incredible red rock canyon views, size, and smaller crowds make it ideal for SUP yogis. Unlike Lake Tahoe, Lake Powell gets a lot of sun and is very warm, so bring sunscreen. With nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline, it’s easy to find a nice and secluded spot to practice SUP yoga. Jet It owners looking to get to Lake Powell can fly into the Denver Airport which only 60 or so miles away.





For the Adventurer – Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park, Colorado


Those who want a little more adventure and action in their SUP adventure should check out Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park in Colorado. Here you can try SUP whitewater rafting. Be warned: this is for the advanced paddle boarders who have high-level skills and premium boards. That said, the park features plenty of vendors to rent the type of equipment you’ll need and offers classes to get you the experience required for whitewater SUP rafting. If you’re looking to up your paddle board game or want something more challenging, this is the place to go.



What if you want adventure but whitewater rafting on a stand-up paddle board sounds like a bit much? The park also offers guided river SUP trips. These are perfect for someone who wants to see the Colorado River’s natural beauty and experience something a little more challenging than a paddle around your local lake or pond.


To get to Glenwood Springs, Jet It owners will want to fly to Aspen and have concierge services coordinate transportation to Glenwood Springs where the park is located.



For the Nature Lover – Merritt Island, FL



Lastly, for those interested in seeing some incredible natural phenomena while paddling, Merritt Island, Florida offers the Bioluminescence Comb Jelly Night Tour. Here paddle boarders can experience a guided nature tour after dark. Bioluminescent comb jellies and dinoflagellates (single-celled micro-organisms) light up the water all around you like something from a sci-fi film or fairy tale. The tour is safe and easy and led by a competitive SUP racer and lifeguard with a marine biology background. Even better, the tour is free from crowds and located in the Banana River Lagoon Nature Preservers. Beginner paddle boarders can join in on the fun and nature-lovers are guaranteed to see some of Merritt Island’s unique flora and fauna.


Merritt Island is a fantastic location for any ocean or beach lover and is an absolute must for SUP enthusiasts because of the multiple lagoons and river inlets. Jet It owners will want to fly into the Melbourne Airport which is only 30 miles away. Consider booking an extended stay as there is plenty to see and do in this tropical community.