Crew scheduler

Job Description

Crew schedulers report to the Operations Manager and is primarily responsible for building and preparing a daily executable flight schedule given the current trip demands, operational environment and flight crew availability. Crew schedulers works closely with other flight operations personnel, including flight coordinators, dispatcher and client experience, to better understand client operational needs. Together they work to ensure compliance with flight crew rest and duty requirements of Part 91, Subpart K and Part 135. Crew schedulers must have a strong knowledge of aircraft scheduling parameters, including (but not limited to), aircraft type, ranges, time zones changes, crew duty and rest limitation, airport slot programs, over flight and landing permit requirements, curfews, over-flight exemptions, international landing permits, general declarations and so on. Ensuring timely and accurate schedule communication to crew members and maintenance technicians.

Job Duties

  • Monitors the status of all planned flights and flights in progress from the point of origin to final destination (flight following)
  • Through understanding of Part 91, Subpart K and Part 135 Crew duty and rest limitations.
  • Through understanding of Jet It General Operations Manual (GOM), policies and procedures.
  • Prepare the daily flight schedule with a focus of 3 to 5 days capacity forecast.
  • Prepare and publish quarterly flight crew schedule.
  • Work closely with the Director of Training to schedule new flight crew members initial and recurrent training.
  • Coordinate flight crew member travel to/from aircraft assignment.
  • Monitors the status of all planned flights and flights in progress and evaluate impact to schedule.
  • Identifies, anticipates and takes corrective action to minimize actual/potential delays due to scheduling operations, crew legality, and maintenance issues
  • Advises appropriate personnel of potential/actual delays and conditions affecting safety of flight.

How to Apply

Send your resume and cover letter to