Aircraft brokerage

Why hire Jet It brokerage services?

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Jet It offers brokerage services at a higher level. Our team of maintenance experts, inspectors, and sales professionals offer unmatched expertise, experience, and connections.

As the fractional jet ownership company founded by aviators for aviators, we know aircraft.

Our expertise not only ensures a smooth brokerage process, but also a better financial upside. In fact, not only will you save time and energy, you’ll recover brokerage fees plus come out further ahead than if you’d gone solo.

In short: you’ll save a good deal of time and get a good deal for your aircraft.


 Clear Skies Ahead.

Connecting you to the right aircraft.

At Jet It, we go above and beyond. We’re not here just to close a deal. If you’re buying, we’re here to find you the perfect aircraft for your mission, your needs, your preferences, and your budget. If you’re selling, we’ll find the ideal buyer for your aircraft. 

Finding the right aircraft or buyer isn’t a matter of googling. In addition to having a proverbial Rolodex of contacts, our relationships with owners provide insider knowledge to where they are in their ownership experience and if they’re thinking about selling. We source aircraft that haven’t even hit the market yet, including HondaJets.

We’re honored to have more HondaJet fleet time than any other company in the world. In addition to deep experience with HondaJets–even before they went to market–we provide brokerage services for all jet types. The sky is truly the limit for our brokerage services.

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Negotiating the right price.

At Jet It, we don’t fly blind and we don’t use Google as a substitute for experience. We base our pricing on extensive market research and understanding to negotiate the right price. In fact, we bring so much value to the equation, you’ll come out ahead and more than cover the price of our service.

Red Jet Squadron - pilot your own private jet

Making the offer.

In addition to using our market experience to eliminate unnecessary pricing debates, we have partnerships that help you fly to the finish line. We’ll lean on our relationships partners in finance and titles, as well as attorneys and tax consultants, to make the escrow process fast and easy.

Red Jet Squadron - pilot your own private jet

Inspecting insights.

Through every step of the process, you’re getting our entire team of experts, not just a broker. Our maintenance experts will triple-check everything to ensure you’re getting the best jet for your needs or the best deal for your account.


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Execution: Time to take flight

Our know-how will help you get off the ground quickly. We’ll take care of all filing with the FAA and ensure all documentation is accurately completed, giving you more time to pack for your next adventure.

Maintaining a reputation for exceptional maintenance expertise.

As a jet share company that’s with, for, and by aviators, we are experts in maintenance, HondaJets, and all things aviation. Our maintenance crew has decades of experience, and understands the importance of thoroughly understanding log books, maintenance records, manufacturer’s information, and FAA regulations. We dot the I’s and cross the T’s so that you have one more thing to cross off your list of things to worry about.

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