Aircraft Management

Taking care of your aircraft so you can take care of living your life.



We’ll take care of all aspects of managing your aircraft to ensure a worry-free experience. 

Whether you’re flying a HondaJets, Phenom 300, Praetor 500S, or other types of aircraft, we’ll handle everything from staffing to maintenance to finance. So that “up in the air” is about going places, not wondering what’s going on with your jet. 

jet It

Time. Money. Maximize both.

Jet It aircraft management does more than give you back precious time. It also helps ensure that you get the most from your investment. 

ADDITIONAL REVENUE Reduce fixed expenses and open opportunities for revenue. Want to maximize your investment even more? Add your aircraft to our charter fleet for use when you’re not flying. 

SAFETY EXCELLENCE Count on the proven safety record of not only our HondaJets, Phenom 300s, and Praetor 500s, but also our expert maintenance crew who maintains them.  

EASE & FLEXIBILITY Enjoy the freedom to fly without the hassle of day-to-day operations.

Freedom to fly.

With Jet It’s aircraft management, you leave maintenance, regulatory duties, and safety to us. We offer exceptional professionalism, unmatched operational practices, and the highest safety standards–all delivered by a trusted, expert team. 

Our turnkey management service is the ideal complement to our revolutionary day-use model, 24/7 concierge service, and highly skilled crew.



Jet It aircraft management services.

We provide complete management, nose to tail, take off to landing, home to hangar. Discover how our Aircraft Management Services make our unique jet share ownership program even better. 

TRIP SCHEDULING AND PLANNING Access 24/7 flight scheduling with dedicated dispatchers who have the expertise, experience, and dedication to providing assistance for all your travel needs. 

MAINTENANCE SUPPORT AND COMPLIANCE TRACKING Your safety and peace of mind are always part of our flight plan. Our full-time Director of Maintenance will schedule and track your aircraft’s wellness, oversee quality performance and warranties, and maintain records and logbooks. 

PROFESSIONAL FLIGHT CREW AND FLIGHT DEPARTMENT Our crew is here to serve yours. Your Chief Pilot will be assigned to maintain flight crew training records, crew hiring and management, and lead training vendor relationships to ensure the best possible training available. This ensures not only the utmost safety but also the ultimate experience. 

ACCOUNTING With Jet It, you never have to wonder where your fees are going. Our detailed financial management diligently accounts for landing fees, F.E.T. filings and compliance, registration payments, and owner billings. It’s all  provided to you in a monthly statement so that you always have the big picture, even for small expenses.

Aircraft management FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Jet It’s aircraft management–and their answers. 

How does Jet It’s aircraft management optimize my investment?

Jet It’s aircraft management offers substantial savings on operating expenses, crew member training, insurance, and maintenance. We have added buying power for fuel, insurance, and training, ensure that your aircraft is in the safest operating condition, and save you valuable time. Because transparency is among our core values, we also provide insights into every aspect of expenses associated with your aircraft’s management. We also give you the opportunity to place your aircraft in our charter fleet so you can earn revenue when you’re not using your aircraft. 

What are the advantages of aircraft management?

You don’t have to have the time, experience, and expertise to manage your aircraft. Let us take the helm. Just like our fractional jet ownership program, Jet It’s aircraft management elevates your experience. We take care of every aspect of caring for your aircraft, from maintenance to compliance to billing, so you focus on your work and your life. 

What kind of aircraft do you manage?

We’re specialists in managing and maintaining HondaJets, Phenom 300s, and Praetor 500S, but we provide our management services for any type of aircraft.

How is aircraft management different from fractional jet ownership? 

While fractional jet ownership gives you the ability to own part of a world-class aircraft, our aircraft management handles day-to-day operations for wholly owned aircraft, giving you a hands-off, stress-free ownership experience. With exceptional aircraft management, you can enjoy the perks of ownership without the hassles.

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