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Travel Tips Tuesday: 3 Tips for Being Business Ready When You Touch Down

While luxury private travel eliminates many of the inconveniences of commercial travel, being business ready right off the runway can be a real challenge. This week’s travel tips are for those go-getters who find themselves going straight from the tarmac to the conference room. Because even after three hours of last-minute travel, you still need to be at your best to close the deal.


Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

Yes, it sounds stupid simple but being hydrated makes a huge difference not only in the way you feel but the way you look. Good hydration keeps your skin fresh and bright, so you don’t appear tired from your travels. In addition, you’ll be less likely to experience headaches and fatigue.

Jet It’s luxury aircrafts come stocked with plenty of beverage choices, so be sure to drink up and stay fresh. Just make sure you have plenty of water in addition to your favorite soda or cocktail!


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Tip #2: Bring a Spare Suit in a Separate Bag

Save the suit for the meeting and stay comfortable on the flight. While we love seeing you look your best on flight, bringing a spare set of clothes to change into ensures you won’t have the ruffled look of someone who spent the last two hours seated in an aircraft. Neatly fold your outfit and place it in a durable bag to keep with you during flight. This protects your business suit from any unseen snack or drink spills and prevents unsightly wrinkling. Best of all, you can comfortably change in the aircraft once we’ve landed. Even if you are in an industry with more casual attire, such as tech, bringing a fresh set of clothes for your meeting is a no-brainer.


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Tip #3: Drink Caffeine One to Two Hours Before

Even if it’s a short flight at an optimal time of day, travel can wear on you. In all likelihood your meeting is earlier rather than later and you’ve been awake for some time. Caffeinating well before your meeting, around two hours, to be precise, can ensure you’re energized and alert. Tanking up on coffee right before the meeting means you’ll be jittery and likely need to use the restroom mid-meeting (not optimal). Caffeinate too early and you risk crashing right as you need a lift. For most people, caffeine can be felt fifteen minutes after it is consumed (the jittery rush you feel) but peaks one hours later and stays there for several hours. This is the sweet spot you’re aiming for, so time it right, and enjoy a fresh brew before your big meeting.


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Don’t Sweat It, You Got This!

Jet It’s planes are built for business travelers and are equipped with everything you need to be business ready on touch down. We’ll help anyway we can and ensure you get to your meeting on time and in top shape. If there’s anything you need to feel prepared and at your best, let us know and our concierge services we’ll be sure to accommodate accordingly.