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Take off to new possibilities with Jet It.

Travel on your terms with the fractional jet ownership company operating throughout North America and the Caribbean Islands. With the industry’s most innovative model, the jet is yours for the day, not the hour, giving you the ability to visit multiple locations in a single day. Have breakfast in the mountains. Fly to the city for an afternoon board meeting. Measure time by the tides. The world is your runway.

Freedom to fly

Claim your share of a HondaJet or Phenom 300 for half the cost of  traditional fractional jet ownership programs. Our evolved hybrid-fractional ownership model gives you more time and value than any other jet share company. Period. All you need is a desire to go further, do more, and own your time.

Flights Above

Soar with the jet ownership program chosen by Fortune 500 CEOs, Nobel laureates, and awarded television hosts.

Meet the fleet

Gain more private flight time on the expanded fleet. With renowned HondaJets and Phenom 300s you set the precedent with performance and power.

Fly higher


Down-to-Earth Investment

Jet It is made for the savvy traveler. Elevate life’s experiences without the exorbitant price tag. Jet It offers the smartest jet investment opportunity on the market.


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Join the Red Jet Squadron

Fly your jet in our exclusive club

Are you a pilot? Now you can feel the rush of seeing the world at 43,000 feet. Jet It gives flight-trained owners the opportunity to join the Red Jet Squadron and take flight with one of our highly trained captains. Get your official HondaJet type rating and unlock a level of adventure only available with Jet It.


Love where you land

Experience travel that fits you, instead of the other way around. Jet It’s unparalleled cost model gives you truly private travel and exceptional freedom for the ultimate work-life balance. Simply tell us when and where you’d like to travel, and we’ll handle the rest with complimentary 24/7 concierge service.

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